10 Ways Social Media Profiles Are Costing You Your Job in 2017

Today, managers and business owners grow savvier, while a person’s social media profile and its security settings grow more meaningless. With that in mind, people like you should be more careful as to whom you befriend on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Imagine those old photos of yours wherein you are double fisting with your friends while drinking until you drop, how do you think your manager or potential employer would react to it?

Social Media Profiles: How it Influences Your Professional Career

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Image credit: techcrunch.com

  1. Social media profiles on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter lets you get in touch with family and friends, and at the same time, it lets your boss or potential employers to pre-screen job applicants like you.
  2. Unbelievably, your social media resume matters to them. Some of the things or information they look for is listed below.
  3. You would be surprised that these companies focus so much attention on your profile as part of your best resume 2016-2017.
  4. More than 46% of employers are reluctant in hiring those who have posted inappropriate or provocative photographs so make sure you get to avoid these on social media profiles
  5. 41% of candidates who have shared contents about their drinking habits or drug use fail to land a job
  6. As part of the social media resume, around 28% of Candidates who had discriminatory comments pertaining to a person’s race, individuality or religion are less likely going to land a job
  7. Finally, 25% of candidates who lied about their job qualifications through their social media profile and about their latest resume format failed to get a job
  8. Hiring managers review and based a portion of their decision to hiring you or not based on your social media profiles.
  9. You must be careful about what you put or publish on your social profile to ensure that it won’t turn off or disappoint hiring managers.
  10. Applicants of today must be responsible and cautious enough to know that employers are taking a look at their profiles.

Best resume 2016-2017 and social media is woven into the lives of almost any individual today. Hiring managers surely do looks into your social media account and your resume format 2016. Above all this, one should be really careful and responsible enough with whatever they do or post on their profiles. Now, you as a job applicant must be cautious enough that someone keeps their eyes on you and all the things that you on social media networks.

Make the improvements to your social media profiles and get that dream job of yours in 2017!