2016-2017 Resume Template Mistakes That Will Lead You to Career Suicide

If you do not want to miss the career or job opportunity, you need to write a fantastic resume format 2016 that impresses the hiring manager or employer. With that in mind, this page will help you to know what you need to learn.

Resume Mistakes That Lead to Career Suicide

2016 resume template

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  • Making grammatical typos and errors: Do not just rely on spell checker because you need to check your mistakes. There is no excuse for grammatical errors.
  • Submitting incorrect details: When you include incorrect contact number or mess up with your job dates or titles, it’s not good. You need to eliminate incorrect information as much as possible. And never lie on your resume.
  • Focus in wrong: It is essential to tailor your paper for every job you are applying. For instance, when you are applying for a manager position, then you need to highlight accomplishments and experience showing your expertise.
  • Resume is too long: When you check out 2016-2017 resume template, you will see that the resumes are on exact long, which means it is not too long. One of the common mistakes of applicants is that they create resume that is too long. At least keep your resume to one to two pages only.
  • Not readable: In 2016-2017 resume templates, you will see that it has good fonts. You should not underestimate formatting. You need to ensure that your paper is readable for employers to read all information in a short period of time.
  • Name appears in word header: Your name should appear at top of the paper and as much as possible, you need to avoid using Word’s header.
  • Does not have keywords: Your resume should have keywords. It doesn’t mean that in every sentence, you include keywords. This is wrong because you also need to know where you need to place the keywords.

You need to keep in mind these things because it helps you in writing your CV. For extra inspiration feel free to review our sample resumes 2016

If you want to get that job, then exert effort and begin creating your best resume today!