Accept Rejection Gracefully – How to Write Thank You Letter After Rejection 2017

rejected for a job

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If you were rejected for a job, it hurts. Even though no one knows that you are rejected, it still hurt you and painful because you did not get the job you want. If you want to accept rejection gracefully, here is what you need to do.

Tips in Writing Letter for Job After Rejection 2017

  • Ask for feedback: Knowing why you rejected for a job will help you to move on. Even if you are the perfect job, there will be reasons why you did not get the job. Maybe the company initiative is hiring current employees to minimize their hiring cuts to another department or their job description has been changed after interview or the company liked but they think that you fit for different job.
  • Following up: If you are interviewed and you are over-qualified, some employers will not hire you and this is true because they think that you will be bored stiff that is why the job is not for you. Following up will help recruiters to understand you.
  • Personal contact cultivate a good relationship: If you have a good relationship, you can get a job and be hired. If you are applying for individuals that you do not know, your chance of being accepted is low. When you follow up with voice mail or email, demonstrate your initiative as well as display interpersonal skills. You can say that you’re disappointed but still have interest in working with the company. Doing this will show about your perseverance in handling feedback and your interest to work with them.

For 2016-2017 resumes, you need to be honest that you are disappointed because you are rejected but you should not be arrogant. You still need to thank the company for the open opportunity and it is better when you show about your persistent and perseverance that you want to become part of the company despite of your rejection. There are also some instances that you are rejected because of the appearance of your resume format 2016 that is why you need to improve and update it all the time.

If you are the one to say “no”, here is the email to reject job offer.

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