Best CV 2016-2017 Writing Step-By-Step Guide

Knowing the best CV 2016-2017 guides will help you in writing and getting started. To avoid difficulties, here are things you need to do. Following this step by step guide will help you a lot with your CV or resume format 2016.

Step-by-Step Guide for Best CV Layout 2016-2017

best cv 2016

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  • Heading: Do not write curriculum vitae or CV at top of your paper because the hiring manager knows about it. In writing your name, at least use 14 font size so it can be find quickly. You should not use German characters. Use a valid email address and be sure to include nationality.
  • Objective: This is also known as purpose, job objective or career objective. The objective is helpful especially when you’re applying for a company. In writing, make it specific and concise.
  • Key skills and experience: for best CV layout 2016-2017, you need to include this section. Write a brief summary of your relevant experience and skills. Instead of using full sentences, it is better to use phrases.
  • Education: Recent graduate or current students should include an education section. You need to start writing with your most recent education. Write your expected degree or school degree. The full name of the school and location. The period of time you enrolled in that university as well as main subjects you have taken.
  • Experience: It allows you to include non paid work, volunteer work, internships, paid work and other experience that helps you in developing your skills. Recruiters want to know your experience than where you get it.
  • Additional skills: List any languages you know and you can also write about computer and other significant skills. Make sure that you list skills that are relevant to what you are applying.
  • Activities and Interests: If you do not have much work experience, you can include activities and interests section. It will show you have gained skills that are relating to the position you are applying for. If you don’t know what to write here, use our 2016 resume template.
  • References: This part is optional unless it is being required. You should write the name of your referees, contact number and address.

Best resume 2016-2017 tips or guides are helpful for you especially when you do not know what you need to do.

Follow the step by step guide to avoid committing mistakes!