Can I Lie On My Resume 2017

Your resume is an integral part of your application and you might be asking if you could lie on your resume. Check out the following stats and facts for your information and be sure not to lie in your resume 2016.
can i lie on my resume

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Can I Lie on My Resume 2017?

According to, these are the most common lies in the resume that many applicants commit.

  • Education: According to the site, applicants lie about their education. However, this is not how it is supposed to be, as you don’t need to lie in the first place. Second, the company might run a background check and discover that what you included in the education section isn’t true. When this happens, you are stripping yourself off the chance to bagging the job of your dreams.
  • Employment dates: The work experience is an essential section in your resume, but you don’t need to lie about the employment dates. If you would, then the company might again conduct a screening and background check and discover you are not telling the truth. Again, you might ruin your opportunity to get the job just because you lied in your resume.
  • Job title: You don’t need to decorate your job title just to impress an employer. After all, he’s not looking for liars for his company. If he found out you’re lying, then you might not be able to take on the job, too. And if you’re accepted but then proven not to have the skills in the fake job title, you might not have the chance to continue working on the company and grow there as a professional.
  • Technical skills: You don’t need to lie about your technical skills because you can improve and eventually add those technical skills later in your portfolio.

When Should You Lie on Your Resume?

  1. You don’t need to include your entire work history and all your work experiences.
  2. You don’t embellish or decorate your position but explain it.
  3. You can temporary lie about the skills that you can learn or improve on.
  4. You can spin relevant experience when you have none.
  5. You can actually make the best out of what you have.

What Are the Five Most Common Tall Tales in Your Resume 2017?

  • 12 percent of employees are phonies in disguise
  • 27 percent of employees are pretenders on their paycheck
  • 19 percent of the employees are fact fudges
  • 15 percent of employees are  eager embellishes
  • 17 percent of employees are time-will-tells

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