Common Standard Phrases and Clichés to Avoid in Resumes for 2016-2017

The real problem for job seekers is that creating a CV is not an easy task because most people does not know how to write it. They craft a resume with full of clichés that it’s not pleasing to read and will never stand out.

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Writing Resumes for 2016

resumes for 2016

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  • Purpose: In writing resumes for 2016-2017, you need to remind to yourself the purpose of creating a resume. You need to get an interview and the best way to do this is that you need to show to the employer that you are brilliant and a great candidate.
  • It must not be too short: In resume for 2016 or CV format 2016 it must not be too short. Using a 12 point size in Times New Roman is a nice space. You also need to use decent spacing, headers ad margins. You need to discuss your identity and the most relevant skills.
  • Load of unsupported boasting: It is brutal to read when your curriculum vitae are full of unsupported information. Show and not just tell, for instance, I am a manager at Mega Company with eight years experience in the department. I headed up a team that is responsible for setting 20 million dollar project. This gives much detail and it is better when you only get the needed details.
  • Work history: You need to tell to managers what you have done in the past. Do not just regurgitate the section for your work history, instead it is better when you say what you have achieved and how you achieved it.
  • List valuable skills: It is essential that you list valuable skills in your resume format 2016. You should avoid using clichéd humor. You can mention for charity works you have done instead of just telling that you have good communication skills or leadership skills. You need to give evidence and not just claims.

Only 35% of applicants are actually qualified for the jobs they apply to. (According to:

The perfect resume 2016-2017 includes all necessary information and excludes unnecessary details. You need to know about the best sections you need to write and you also need to know what format you will use.

Start writing your resume now!

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