Successful IT Resume 2016-2017 Format

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Nowadays, Information Technology is becoming one of the leading jobs in the world. With the fast growing technology world it’s no doubt that many companies required their employees to have knowledge on technology at least the basic ones. With this reason, many people are now taking IT course and making an IT resume 2017 will probably give them an impression on what are your skills and the work you are capable in. So, these are the following tips on how to make your IT resume format.

Tips on Writing an IT Resume 2016-2017 Format

  • Personal Information: It is very important to write down your personal info preferably at the top of the resume format 2016, center aligned. This info includes your hometown, phone number, email address, and lastly your name. For instance,

Camp 7, Baguio City
Sebatian, Noel

Note: When writing your name it is very important to start with your last name followed by your given name.

  • Career Objectives: When writing your objectives, one must know what his objective is. What’s the reason why you are applying for this job? As well as a brief summary of your skills. Remember, just make your objective brief and direct because this objective will give the hiring management an idea if you are suitable for the job and if your resume is worth it to read.
  • Technical Skills: In IT resume format it is necessary to include your technical skills. You needed to indicate as many as many technical skills that you have and also always remember to use relevant keywords. Always think that you are applying for an IT job, so, it’s better if you include these skills. Try to categorize them and indicate your software knowledge.
  • Professional Experience: For IT resume 2016-2017 format, writing your accomplishments with numbers will probably give a strong impression to the hiring staff. List your accomplishments and your work experiences especially when they are related to the job you are applying for.
  • Education and Certification: Educational Background will be just a second in a row. Experience still creates a strong impact. For education background just indicate your university, it is not important to write your elementary or secondary anymore. In addition, if you have received some certificates, you many also include them in your resume.

As a final point, these are your guidelines in writing your IT resume format. Same concerns IT project manager resumeIt is not important to write everything in detail, just a brief summary in a bullet form is better, to make it easy for the hiring staff to scan and read. In resume 2016-2017 format, too much wordy is not good. However, making it direct will give a strong impact.

Keep in mind that when writing a resume, you need to be professional and organize so don’t waste your time and start writing today!