How to Prepare Resume – Choosing the Best Resume Format in 2016-2017 Is the First Step

Do you need a help on how to prepare a resume? Tips will help you to learn what recruiters and employers are looking for. This page is loaded with useful details enabling you to write the best resume format 2016 you can submit.

Formats of Resume 2017: Tips in Writing

how to prepare resume

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  • Choose a good template or theme: Check out for formats of resume examples to see how they use the formats. Make sure that the template that you want to use is specific. The resume must be easy to read and clear at all times.
  • Font selection: Stick with standard fonts that are professional, easy to read and clear. You can use the Times New Roman and 12 point font size in writing your resume.
  • Make objective or profile clear: If you do not know what job you want, then the employer will not know what you want. As much as possible, in writing this section, you need to be detailed, precise and clear.
  • Tighten up wording: You need to write sentences using twelve words or less at the same time incorporating keyword optimization.
  • Do not run long: It is better when you limit your resume to one page. In twp pages resume, it is acceptable when you have lot of experience and working in industry for long years.
  • Salary: Do not write any wage or salary details. Doing this can lose ability to negotiate for fair compensation. Take note that fair compensation is determined through job description and how much work experience you have.
  • Save as PDF: Save your paper in PDF file instead of work document. PDF will assure that all formatting will stay put and do not end up as if it is a printed copy.

Format of Resume 2017

In resume latest format 2016, here are things you should know:

  • Use standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper
  • One inch margins in all sides
  • Use ivory, gray or white paper
  • Do not used fancy backgrounds or artwork
  • Enter data using single space within every section
  • Make headings underlined, capitalized or bold to stand out

There you have the tips and some of the things you need to remember in writing your resume format for experienced.

Follow these tips and increase your chances of being hired today!