How to Write a Successful CV for Project Manager in 2016-2017

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CV for project manager 2017 is your vehicle for first impression and is sometimes called project manager resume but this two are actually different. Project management CV is more detailed while project manager resume format 2016 is the summary and should be brief. Curriculum Vitae contain the information about yourself that is related and is of help for the company your applying. Some people say that first impression last so you must create a CV for project manager that will demonstrate how professional and skillful you are.

2016-2017 CV Format Tips

A Project Manager’s job is to oversee projects to ensure that it will be completed on time without problems and is efficient. Now to start your CV you must already know the skills that will get your employer’s attention and state it well in your curriculum vitae and make your CV easy to read. Here are some tips in creating your own Project Manager CV 2017:

  • The CV must contain the profile summary at the top and it should be focused. It contains your self-introduction, your aim and motivations and as much as possible 4 to 6 lines long.
  • After the profile summary, it must include your education. Educational background is one of the main reasons why your employer will hire you and it is also the reason why you believe that you are capable to be hired as the project manager.
  • Experience will then follow. It must be listed from the most recent to the oldest ones.
  • After experience is the interest. It gives insight to your personality and your hobbies can be included here. This section must not be highlight that much and should be short.
  • The last part is the references. This section is important for this verifies the information you stated above.

A 2016-2017 CV Format contains your personal summary, career history, key skills and competencies, academic qualifications and references. This CV Format may contain the same content as the past formats but this new format for 2017 displays your experience and character more effectively and is non-fussy.

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