How to Write Entry Level Resume with No Work Experience in 2016-2017

For fresh graduate, making entry level resume with no work experience will be a tough one because you probably don’t know how to start. Maybe you keep on asking yourself, what will I write? Well, that is not a problem! This article will teach you how to write a resume with no job experience.

Guidelines in Writing an Entry Level Resume without Experience

entry level resume no work experience

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  • Consider the layout of the resume. You must think what will be the layout of your resume; either you want it in landscape or portrait. Making the layout will be one way to attract employers. Also, details on your layout need to be simple and can be easily understood.
  • Secondly, think what the objective of your resume is. It is very important to take note what is the main purpose why you are applying for this job. In resume writing 2016-2017, your objectives are one factor that can impress the hiring management. In here, you have to give the summary of your skills along with your goals and the reason why you wanted this job.
  • Then, you have to introduce yourself. It is more appropriate when you write your personal information in bullet form. It is not important to write it in sentences, just only key points. For instance; Birthdate: December 21, 1999.
  • Also, your educational background follows. This will only give information to the hiring staffs what school you attended. You may also include your achievements and awards that you collected while you are still studying.
  • Of course the highlight of your resume is your skills and experiences. You have to emphasize your skills and work experiences. Your skills and experiences will determine if you are suitable for the job you are applying.
  • References come next, when writing a reference you have to write at least two people whom they will contact if the employers have some questions about your employment. You have to make sure that the person will give reliable information.
  • Lastly, contact details. This is where you write your information whenever your employer wanted to take this application to the next level or will ask you to come by their office for an interview.

At this point, even if you don’t know how to make a resume with no job experience, you will surely come to realize that it is not difficult to write a resume format 2016. Though it takes time to write one, but when you have already organized the details for your resume, it will just be easy to start.

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This resume writing 2016-2017 guideline will help you reach the next step of your dreams!