HR Insider Tips, You Didn’t Know About to Professional Resumes 2016-2017

If there are things you do not know about professional resumes 2016-2017, this page will reveal the things you should know. Here are things to do and to know in writing your latest format of resume 2016. Make sure that you remember all of it.

Professional Resumes 2016-2017 Insider Tips

professional resumes 2016

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Professional resumes insider tips will help you to get started. It will be your guide to write that is why you need to follow and remember it.

Quantify impact: Show your accomplishments in terms of numbers and not in words. If you want to stand out, you need to do this. Show how much money you managed and how people attended your event. For example:

  • Weak: Managed budget plan for large scale events for college students
  • Strong: Managed 15,000 dollar budget for large scale events for 3,000 college students

Make interests as quirky: Begin with the bottom. Say something that is interesting or that will make the readers to be focused on reading your resume. Avoid writing about sports or movies that you like. Also,  be specific in writing.

Show the competition: There are many people who won awards in selective programs and you can include it in your writing resume. For example:


  • Weak: Won Granny Innovation Competition
  • Strong: Won 10,000 dollars for Granny Innovation Competition (100+ entrepreneurs competed)

Ask the employee for feedback: relationships are essential that resumes. Before you apply, talk or connect with employee through introductions, alumni outreach or information sessions.

Associate yourself with brands: Associate yourself with trusted institutions. For example:

  • Strengthened relationships with 8 partners, which include Coca-Cola through meetings with junior leadership.
  • Hired as well as managed seven students from Yale and Penn, which include sales people, programmers and graphic designers.

For professional resume 2016-2017, there are always tips and guides you have to follow and know. Before you start creating the latest CV format 2016, you need to make sure that you know what you are doing.The time you know what to do and what you will write in your resume, begin writing today!

The time you know what to do and what you will write in your resume, begin writing today!