Latest CV Format 2016-2017 Guide to Help You Succeed

An outdated resume is not impressive, and it will not help you in your application. If you want to stand out, you need to deliver the details that the hiring manager is looking for. You need to have the right format for CV or the latest format of resume 2016.

Latest CV Format 2016-2017 Tips

latest cv format 2016

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  • File type: Employers want to receive a resume in two file types whether in PDF or Word. However, application tracking systems cannot read or scan PDF files correctly. The best and safest step to do is to submit your resume in a .docx file.
  • Resume format: In latest CV format, you need to make a good research. Also, there are resume formats that you can use, such as the chronological, functional and combination.

Chronological format is the most common resume format 2016 that being used by applicants. The relevant experience section is organized according to time wherein the most recent will be placed at the top. It gives a good overview of applicant’s progression and experience.

Functional format is focused on skills instead of employment history. This is good for career changes or for individuals who do not have much work experience.

The combination or hybrid format is the combination of chronological and functional format. It is used to show the skills and work history of the applicant.

  • Resume content: No matter what format you want to use, you need to ensure that it will be read by human and computer. A resume that is related or align to job description get attention from ATS and from hiring manager.

Michelle Smith

Michele is an energetic and experience applicant who can able to drive good improvement for profitability in terms of strategic growth as well as quality enhancement. She has a good record of becoming successful in tactical operating pans. She has some of the most recognized and respected brands in the industry. She is looking for a position in leadership with high market leading offering opportunities in advancing to sales management.


  • Sales Manager
  • Insurance Company- August 2012
  • In charge of team with 15 sales representatives
  • Responsible for implementation and development of marketing programs as well as all strategic sales activities
  • Ensuring that companies and their customer goals are met and aligned

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Good knowledge of MS Office which include Excel, Outlook and Word
  • Using market knowledge in influencing decision about sales programs and customer pricing
  • Organize special sales projects like sales promotions, advertisements and new product introductions
  • Manage aspects of sales to current and prospective customers, which include administrative and technical product information

Academic Qualification

  • New York University 2005-2008

  • Marketing BA

  • New York College 2004-2005

  • A levels Math

  • B levels English

  • A levels Physic

If you want to know the latest curriculum vitae format 2016-2017, read this page and check how the CV is being written. While you still ample time, construct your resume today!