Latest Format of Resume 2016-2017 Tips and Sample to Help You Succeed

In order to get an interview for the job opening application, you need to know the best tips and the format you can use. Knowing latest format of resume 2016-2017 will help you to get started. Read this page carefully.

Top Tips for High Impact Resume

latest format of resume 2016

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  • Create personal statement at beginning of resume
  • Use logical layout and clear font
  • Include a photo and ensure it is appropriate
  • Use first 2 pages of resume in highlighting your experience and skills
  • Be honest

Things to Avoid in Writing Resume

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Confessing hobbies such as drinking with peers
  • Unattractive layout and format’
  • Too long
  • Including useless details

Sample Latest Format for Resume 2016-2017

Here is a good and latest format for resume 2016-2017 that you can review to have a guide. Be sure that you understand how it is written to construct a wonderful resume of your own.

John Regala
Cornwall Avenue
ABC City
Phone: 7757-999-0000

Marketing Communications Manager

Award winning Marcom with more than 10 years of experience that leads internal communications and corporate marketing for multimillionaire companies across industries

Respected leader of multimedia divisions, corporate communication departments, and creative teams

Orchestrate and conceptualize marketing campaigns that are effective in reinforcing as well as building brand images.

Expert in concepts, content and technical development when it comes to sales driving collateral

Proven ability in driving high marketing campaigns in response to product launches.


  • Corporate communications
  • Marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Team leadership
  • Product branding and positioning
  • Market research and focus group
  • Sales support and collateral
  • Development of training materials
  • Public and media relations

Recent Awards

  • Excellence award for outstanding advertising ( TYU Co Campaign), 2007
  • God award for outstanding advertising (TYU Co “road” mail campaign), 2007

Professional Experience

  • Marketing Communications Manager, June 2003 up to present
  • Manage communications and corporate marketing functions Direct PR, brand management, product launches, media relation, advertising, trade show marketing and sales collateral.

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Get to know more about the latest formats of resume. Start searching for great layouts and formats so that you can begin writing the best resume you can submit for the job application!