List of 50 Best Resume Formats 2016-2018

Before writing your resume for the coming job application year, check out the following for a list of our best resume formats 2016 to help you pick up the best template per job application you want to take part in 2016-2018.

50 Best Resume Formats 2016-2018

Modern Resume Template: best resume formats 2016. This is a two-column stunning resume to catch the attention of an employer. Use it for good organization in your CV format 2016
Developer resume: Suitable for developers, illustrators, and designers, this colorful format is what you need for a visually appealing CV that works. Use it for your job success today!resume design 2016
Google search resume: This style works best for people working in the IT and software field. It comes with clear and easy to see headings that also look so impressive. It is organized yet simple enough to win a resume design 2016
Creative Design 3: A resume design with all the bells and whistles, this format will surely impress an employer looking for a top-performing employee with design and software skills.creative resume design 2016
Infographic Resume: This is an infographic style resume with some humor yet facts for an impressive presentation. It contains clear, sales-oriented (geared towards impressing its readers) style. Use it for best job results.infographic resume 2016
Roulette Style Resume: This is a playful, no gambling involved document that will surely catch the attention of an employer. Look into and see how it is divided into colorful sections the clearly describes each of them.Stylish Resume Format 2016
Colorful Resume: This is a nice and simple format with all the important sections needed for a successful job application. Use it for your brilliant and colorful CV design next year. It has sections, including the header, education, and work experience.Colorful Resume Format 2016
Simplistic CV: This is a nicely formatted resume with vivid colors in which each represents a detail about an applicant. Use it for an easy read application for next year.Creative CV 2016
Artistic Resume Format: This is a great CV illustration about an applicant. It comes with needed sections for a good application, too. Check it out and see if it is for you.Artistic Resume Format 2016
Web Designer Resume: You can check this out if you were in the web design business. It comes with all the relevant sections, including the easy to see contact section and illustrated metrics of skills. Use it if you were in the same industry.Web Designer Resume 2016
Graphic Artist Resume: This may be for you if you were in the graphic design industry. It is formatted nicely and professionally with just the right amount of colors and designs. It has a complete presentation of work experience and education, among others.Graphic Artist Resume 2016
Social Media Resume: This format works well for people in the social media and web businesses. It comes with a complete section for easy reading, too. Use it if you were in the same industry.Social Media Resume 2016
Web and Graphic Design Resume Format: This is a good web and graphic designer formatting for a CV. Use it for an organized and clear presentation of what you can do for the company.
Cool CV: This is a two-column resume format with just the right level of organization. It is fun yet professional in presentation. Use it for an impressive job application today!
Two-page Resume Template: It is an organized and sweet document that has all the necessary applicant details. It uses just enough of colors, too.Two-page Resume Template 2016
Charts and Graphs Resume Style: This shows metrics and reports about an applicant’s characteristics and performances.  You can use it if you were an experienced worker who has been in your industry for quite some time. It also gives a quick glimpse of an applicant’s best skills.Charts and Graphs Resume Style 2016
One-column CV Format: This is for you if you want a nice and simple resume. It has a clear presentation of areas of expertise and so on.One-column CV Format
Very Colorful Resume Template: Do you want a war of bright colors? Well, this might be something. It has bright colors in which each represents a detail about an applicant. It also has a clear presentation of knowledge and skills in the business.

Very Colorful Resume Template 2016
Elegant Resume Design: You can make use of it if you want a simple presentation of your assets and skills. It uses only black, blue and white colors in the entire piece. Use it if you find it appealing and suitable for your industry.Elegant Resume Design 2016
Experience Resume: Brilliant in design, this document may be for you if you are an experienced worker who has many work experiences to show. It has other sections, including recognitions and awards, too. Check it out and see if it suits you.Experience Resume 2016
Creative Resume Design: It has the complete sections an employer wants to see, including your GOALS. This is an action-filled CV, with just the right amount of words and colors. It is a good format overall.Creative Resume Design 2016
Infographic Resume Style: This is an infographic design resume with all the bells and whistles. It has great appearance and color just enough to capture the eyes of your readers. You can use it if you are in the creative sector.Infographic Resume Style 2016
Chef Resume: This format will remind you of food, as there is all over. It is very neat, though. It is complete with needed sections, too.Chef Resume 2016
Colorful Resume: This is another artistic resume to try. It is a latest resume forma that has complete headers and subheaders for easy scanning. You may want to use it, too, if you are a graphic designer.Colorful Resume 2016
General Manager CV: This is a professional resume with just the right level of effects. It presents clear career summary from the beginning. It also has the work history section.General Manager CV 2016
Infographic CV: If you are looking for a colorful resume, then this may be for you. It is comprehensive with the right style and format. Use it today!Infographic CV 2016
Professional Resume Format: This is for you if you don’t want many effects but still want an interesting resume. Some sections include the about me, work and experiences, colleges and university and skills and profession. Use it for your resume today!Professional Resume Format 2016
Elegant Resume Style: This is a simply formatted resume that has just the right length and crispy details. You may want to use it for an effective job application coming year.

elegant resume style 2016
Infographic Resume Style: It contains complete headings and subheadings. It uses charts and graphs to highlight results, too. Check it out today!

Infographic Resume Style
Two-column Colorful Resume: This new resume format is good for freshers. It has two-columns, with the left one wider than the right. Use it for good resume organization today!Two-column Colorful Resume 2016
Design Job Resume: Ideal for people looking for design jobs, this resume format may be for you. It does not have plenty of colors, but it is elegant on its own. Check this out and see if it is for you.Design Job Resume 2016
Minimalistic Resume Design: Very minimalistic with color use, it comes complete with sections, including objective, qualification details and accolades.Minimalistic Resume Design 2016
Fashion Resume: Are you into fashion, including modeling, clothing design and so on? This may be for you for its elegant and trendy style, complete with sections, such as summary and education. Use it as you need it.Fashion Resume 2016
Two-column Resume Style: This is yours if you were looking for an organized resume completed with important sections, such as interests, education, and affiliations. Use it if you were in real estate, sales and other jobs.Two-column Resume Style 2016
Simplistic Template: Use it for a clear, crisp representation of facts about you. Its contact details and skills summary are at the right. Check it out and see if it’s for you.Simplistic Resume Template 2016
Minimalistic Style: You can use it for a simple yet professional template. It has great graphics and representation of facts. Check it out today!Minimalistic Resume Style 2016
Professional Resume Format: Make use of it if you want a cool yet professional format with a professional layout, too. Check it out here.Professional Resume Format 2016
Good Resume Sample: This has two columns for job seekers   with an ample amount of work experience. You can use it for a clean and fresh layout. Check it out today!Good Resume Sample 2016
Functional Resume Format: This style is suitable for those looking to highlight specific portions of the resumes, including qualifications and skills. Check it out now.Functional Resume Format 2016
Infographic CV Design: Another infographic format, this is an innovative yet creative resume for the creative applicant who wants a colorful yet clear picture of what he can offer a company. It comes with complete sections for quick reference, too.Infographic CV Design 2016
Creative Resume Design: This is a great best resume format with the cool style of having nice font yet comprehensive approach. It works well for people in the creative industry sector, like artists, graphics designer and more. You can make use of it for an eye-catching style.Creative Resume Design 2016
Associate Creative Director Resume: It illustrates the best assets of an applicant with vivid description through the use of images. It also has a right sidebar where other relevant info can be written. Check it out today!Associate Creative Director Resume 2016
Cute Resume Format: This is a colorful, feminine resume that has all the girly designs yet presented in a professional manner. It is complete with important sections, too.Cute Resume Format 2016
Creative Designer Resume: It is a two-column resume in a vibrant presentation. It presents all information needed by an employer from an applicant. It uses just the right amount of colors that aren’t distracting at all.Creative Designer Resume 2016
Impressive Resume Design:  Great resume with all the clear illustrations of a graphic artist looking to apply for a job. It comes complete with headings, including personal data and experience, too. Use it for an outstanding job profile today!Impressive Resume Design 2016
Graphic Designer Resume: A format suitable for a graphic designer and someone else in the creative industry, this resume is a mind-blowing representation of your knowledge and skills. It comes with a great, easy to see formatting and styling, too.Graphic Designer Resume 2016
Creative Resume Template:  this is a creative, cheerful resume format to bring a reader to his toes. It comes with all the effects and animations for a colorful resume. Use it for an impressive art director, artists or actor resume.Creative Resume Template 2016
Witty Resume Format:  This is a brilliant resume with good organization style, including software skills, professional experience and so on. On the right are important applicant details, including personal and contact details.Witty Resume Format 2016
Versatile Resume Design: This can be a resume for both newbie and veteran workers. It comes with a clear and crisp format style not to miss. Use it for an increased job application success.Versatile Resume Design 2016
High Tech Format:  This is a creative, high-tech resume design that will surely wow its readers. It comes complete with images relating to technology. You can use it if you are applying for a graphic design position.High Tech Format 2016

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