Professional Resume Examples 2016-2017, Listed on Sites, That Actually Contain Many Mistakes

Job seekers are applying online, remaining as one of the integral parts of the hiring process. If you want to know about the common mistakes that job seekers have done in the past, here is he is and better to check it out.

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Common Mistakes in Resume Examples 2016

resume examples 2016

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  • Making grammatical typos and errors: If you check out resume examples 2016-2017, you will see some papers with grammatical mistakes. 58% of hiring managers identified CV with mistakes and typos that led to candidate dismissed of application.
  • Submitting incorrect information: If you want to know about professional resume, you need to check examples online. One of the mistakes you need to avoid it submitting incorrect details. Giving incorrect information will lead to rejection of your CV.
  • Giving the same resume: No roles are alike and you need to keep in mind that you should not submit the same resume. There are 36% of recruiters identified resume that is generic. In writing, you need to be specific.
  • Too elaborate with style and formatting: Good resume styles 2016 are your key and you should not let your document with too many fonts as well as graphics. If you want to use bullets, it must have the same shape and size for every section and they should be aligned.
  • Being vague: You can never impress when you have a vague resume. When your resume format 2016 is too wordy, you never know what you have accomplished. Hiring managers and recruiters want to see a CV that does not have much information but highlights the best details like accomplishments.
  • Omitting exact dates: Omitting exact dates of your employment will raise suspicion and it means that you cover something.
  • Not including skills: If you think that your skills are not important, then that is not the case for employers. They want to know what you can do that is why you need to list what you can do.
  • Using objective statement: When you use an objective statement, you need to deliver the best. For instance, looking a role as a marketing manager in advancing my career in a managerial industry.

89% of recruiters have hired through LinkedIn. (According to:

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