Resume 2016-2017 Tips – How to Write an Email to Reject Job Offer

email to reject job offer

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If you have a great resume format 2016 but you want to reject the job offer, you need to write an email to reject the offer because it is the right thing to do. It is more professional when you write a letter notifying the hiring manager about your decision.

Reject Job Offer Email Tips 2017

It is not easy to write a reject job offer email because it is not usually done by job seekers, but if you need to, here are the things to do:

  • Plan: Take few minutes in planning how you write the letter. You need to consider in writing the letter is to know the recipient. He or she will be the person who extended job offer to you. Make sure that you have a direct contact with the person. You need to address him by name and title. You should personalize your letter to show professionalism. The next thing you need to consider is about the scope and goal. The purpose is to reject with reasons. You need to express appreciation about the offer even though you reject it.
  • Writing first draft: If you know what you want to say and whom you address the refusal letter, create a brief outline. The outline will allow you in organizing the thought and making a logical order of what you will say. Remember the scope and goal you established because you will use it in completing your brief outline in few minutes. You need to jot down some essential points and organize them in order. Begin always by thanking the person for the job offer. In your outline, you can use some words rejecting the job. Do not worry about the grammar because you can revise or edit it later.
  • Editing and reviewing job rejection letter: When you are done in your first draft, you need to edit and review your rejection letter. This will be the final stage wherein you need to read carefully the letter and ensure that the objective and goal are written. You need to use strong and active voice. Check for all mistakes and maintain consistent style, tone and point of view.

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 Job rejection offer resume tips 2016-2017 helps you in writing the letter. Be sure that you know what you want to tell because you start!