Resume Statistics That Help You Understand the Job Market and Write Perfect 2016-2017 Resume

Corporate recruiter and professor tell that there are only few applicants who understand the recruiting process. The data can help you in understanding why numerous applicants failed to land a job. Here are more details.

Resume Statistics: Resume Face Lots of Competition

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A company receives about 250 resumes for each job opening. Finding a job opening position is hard because within 200 seconds, the first resume is being received after it is being posted. When you post online resume, you face stiff competition because there are 427,000 are being posted like on Monster.

Understanding Hiring Funnel

Knowing resume statistics will help you in applying because you get ideas. For online job posting, there are about 1,000 people see a job post wherein 200 will start the process for application. There will be 100 people who complete the application and 75 of it will be screened by recruiter or ATS. 25 resumes were seen by hiring managers and there will be 4 to 6 persons who will be invited for interview. 2 to 3 persons will be invited for a final interview and 1 will received a job offer.

Six Seconds in Reviewing Your Resume

Inresume facts, you won’t believe that a hiring manager will spend six seconds in reviewing your entry level IT resume. A study review reveals that five to seven seconds will be spend in scanning applicants resume.

Single Resume Mistake Disqualify you

A single mistake in your resume will prevent you from moving forward. 61% of the recruiter will dismiss a resume format 2016 because it contains typos. 43% of the hiring manager will disqualify applicants because of their spelling mistakes.

Format That is not Scannable Will cut Your Odds by Sixty Percent

A research showed that a format matters all the time. If you make mistake in putting your resume to PDF format, lots of ATS system cannot scan it and it means rejection.

Knowing about 2016-2017 resume statistics will help you to know what you need to do. It is your guide because you know the percentage of people being accepted.

Start writing your resume today and remember the resume facts!