Secret Do’s and Don’ts for the Best CV Format 2016-2017

Arguments about what a good resume is never ending. There are people who disagree on the dos and don’ts of writing the resume. Also, the process or writing is changing that is why there are many things that you should know.

Best CV Format 2016-2017: The Dos

best cv format 2016

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If you want to know about the best CV format, you need to know about the dos. With that, here is the list.

  • Use professional as well as easy to read fonts like Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana
  • Underline, italicize or bold the details in emphasizing essential categories
  • Tailor resume for every position
  • Quantify accomplishments as well as use power verbs in providing credence in your statements
  • For clarity, it is better to use bullet points
  • Put emphasis on your transferable skills
  • Edit and proofread your resume for multiple times before submitting

Don’ts in Writing the Resume

  • Do not create your resume solely on the basis of a template
  • Refrain from using fancy colors and fonts
  • Never exaggerate in your accomplishments and experience
  • Never include personal details such as social security number, fate of birth or marital status
  • Avoid including references unless it is being required. If required, write your references on a separate page

Guidelines in Making the Best Resume for 2016-2017

  • Use power words and adjectives: You need to replace few verbs by adding powerful adjectives or strong action verbs.
  • Objectivity: Since HR does not have much time, it is better to use an objectively format resume. Avoid using long paragraphs or sentences.
  • Length: The average length for a resume must be less than one page and half page.
  • Evidenced accomplishments: Since competition increases, you need to give your best accomplishments. You need to include your quantified and solid accomplishments to win the competition.
  • Keywords: Scanning of resume format 2016 becomes computerized that is why you need to ensure you use the specific keywords for human beings and software detects the relevance of your resume.
  • Performance summary: Invest enough time to come up with powerful performance summary that highlight about your maximum value.

Knowing best CV formats 2016-2017 and best format for resume 2016 is a big help for you that is why you need to make a good research and to continue knowing more tips in writing.

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