Should You Place Your Bet on Video Resume in 2016-2017

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As a job applicant, would you believe the thought of using a video resume format in your job application? Would you even care if it were not at all a kind of fantasy that others are trying to promote and use in their quest for a job? Well, you and the millions of job applicants today would have different opinions about it.

However, it has not found its way to mainstream hiring processes and that job applicants would create a video resume before searching for a job. Now, is it more likely going to become the standard for job applicants and their applications? Let’s go ahead and find out more about it right now.

Latest Resume 2016-2017: What Video Resume is All About?

The first video format submitted by Aleksey Vayner, who is a graduate from Yale University, back in 2006 in his job application for UBS, which is an investment bank. Creating a video resume may have gone through your mind. Without any further introduction, let’s go ahead and discuss some of the most recent happenings concerning a video resume format.

  • Based from the report published by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the use and acceptance of a video resume format may result into more problems that what it is actually worth. However, many job applicants, hiring managers and experts are considering the utilization of it for job applications.
  • Recently, contractors and freelancers do create a video resume format 2016 in order to introduce themselves properly since they do not get meet each other in person, which makes it a nice alternative to the classic job interview.
  • Based from the trends and hot stuff about jobs and job applications, creating a video resume can also function as a cover letter for job applicants to express themselves and at the same time explain why they are applying for a certain job post.

Why don’t you try using the right resume format in any of your job applications?

Video resume is the latest resume 2017 trend. More and more are considering the use of it as they can see it may be a valuable asset to their job application!