Tips on Choosing the Successful Entry Level IT Resume Format for 2016-2017

Knowing tips in choosing successful entry level IT resume format is a big help. If you want a powerful resume that will give you the chance to get an interview, you need to know what things you should do. Check this out!

Improve the Effective of Your Resume With These Tips

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  • Avoid traditional resume objectives: To have a good IT entry level resume, you need to avoid having a traditional resume objective. Today, the objective is replaced by headline with job title so you only need to put junior network administrator or entry level programmer.
  • Technical competencies: You need to have technical competencies section showing what you know. You need to organize it by topic like operating systems, languages, tools, protocols, methodologies and RDBMS. When you are starting with your career, it is okay when you do not include much experience. Even though you have exposure to networking and programming, you need to include competencies that are relevant to what you are applying.
  • Display your learning in experience section: Since IT experience is through training, you need to display it. A good tip is that you need to detail your education on your entry level resume no work experience. You can include the courses you take, hours of your training and technologies you have learned.
  • Stress transferable skills: In resume format for 2016-2017, you need to stress your transferable skills. Do not just list roles, but you need to highlight your core skills that you demonstrated in the past that is relevant to entry level IT position. Other traits to stress include customer service mentality, ability to work independently, attention to accuracy and quality as well as ability to juggle multiple priorities and tasks.
  • Include keywords in getting ATS: Application tracing systems are used by numerous companies and it will be the one to scan your resume format 2016 that it why you need to include keywords. You need to get a good score in here.
  • Add testimonials: You can have testimonials coming from your employers or professors.

If you want to stand out, you need to use a good format. You can use these tips in getting a job in the IT industry.

Start writing your resume while you still have lots of time!