Tips That Will Guarantee You Getting the Best Format for Resume 2016-2017

In order to have a great resume, you need to know what the best format for resume 2016-2017 is. Knowing statistics will help you in getting started and submitting an effective paper that will like by the employers. Here are effective tips that guarantee you the best format.

Tips in Creating Best Resume Format for 2016-2017

best format for resume 2016

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  • Getting professional help: If you want to know about the best resume format, you can get a professional help. Keep in mind that each professional has its customs. It is better when you use a coach having experience in your field.
  • Avoid letting the coach write your resume: You can get a coach’s advice but do not allow him to write yours for you. A recruiter or hiring manager will know if the resume  is written by you or not. They can tell that the words in the resume format 2016 will not match to the words that the candidates use according to the study.
  • Treat resume as marketing document: One of the toughest challenge about writing is that treating it as marketing document. You need to figure it out what is special about you and what your personal brand is.
  • Write a forty-to-fifty-word summary: It is essential that you have a summary. The summary should describe personal brand, which includes 3 compelling reasons that employers would want to know about you or what they want.
  • Use bullet points: If you have worked for the same company, it is better if you describe your work experience in bullet points.
  • Include all accolades and awards: It is better when you list the awards that you have gained in the past even that the employer does not know about that prize.
  • Tailor your resume: It is essential that you tailor yours for the position you are targeting. With that in mind, you need to rework with your 40 to 50 word summary so that it will match the job position you are applying.

Following these tips will guarantee that you can become successful in the job opening you are applying. Start to construct your best resume now!