Top Resume Formats 2016-2017 to Help You Get Invited to Interview

top resume formats 2016

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How often do you think about top resumes 2016-2017? Do you ever wonder why some people gets to land a job interview at the company you wish and hope to be a part of? Well, don’t think that they did some sort of magic or that they do know someone from the company. The truth is they just follow the guidelines or recommendations from top resume formats 2016 that is available nowadays for you to take advantage of.

Top Resumes 2016: The Three Known and Effective Ways to Write One

If you have the chance to ask career coaches when and if it would pay to become creative writing a resume, majority of them would say it definitely depends on the kind of job you are applying for and the company you applied at. In addition, following a style guide for certain jobs using the top resume formats would surely pay dividends for you. Look at how the three resume formats should be done

  1. Reverse Chronological Resume Type – this is widely used amongst top resumes 2016-2017 because it highlights your job history or work history through a reverse chronological order. The sections you must not fail to include are as follows: career objectives, professional accomplishments and experiences, education and additional skills.
  2. Functional Resume Type – is a popular one from the top resume formats. This focuses more towards your skill sets rather than your work history. This one is ideal for those who have lesser work experience to show.
  3. Combination Resume Type – is also quite popular since it combines the appeal and effectiveness of both a reverse chronological and functional resume format 2016. It enables you to do that by incorporating your skill sets into your work experiences.

Those are the top resume formats 2016-2017. Consider using any of the three resume formats so that you can land that dream job of yours.

Put an end to failed job applications by taking advantage of all the things that these resume formats is about. Well then, why don’t you create one today using top resumes 2016-2017 format?