What Does Modern Chronological CV Format 2016-2017 Look Like

It is essential to have a good CV layout 2016-2017 because it will stand out. If you fail to deliver a good paper, you can never get the attention of the readers. In writing a resume, there are things you need to know to craft an exceptional paper.

Resume Latest Format 2016-2017

cv format 2016

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In writing resume latest layout as chronological, you need to begin with the recent place down to the first one. For instance, in listing your work history; you need to write from the recent, managers like chronological order because it is easy to read. Recruiters want to know how much time you dedicate in your previous work, employment gaps and much more.

30% of social media users and 50% of college educated users in the US have a LinkedIn account. (According to: hr-management.softwareinsider.com)

In addition, this resume format 2016 must need to use by people who have solid and strong experience. It should not be used by students. When you have employment gaps, it is better when you use another format.

2016 Resume Formats Example

This is one of the 2016-2017 resume formats you can review. It gives you an idea on what sections you need to write in your paper. Knowing it will help you in the crafting process.

Benny Ben

Administrative Assistant

Job objective: Ad administrative position in Quebec University utilizing accounting, computer and administrative skills.

Main Achievements:

  • 10 years experience as administrative expert
  • Proficient in many applications which include web design, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, graphic design and data entry
  • Known for integrity, honesty and organizational skills


2002-Present Blossman Company

Administrative assistant

  • Give administrative support to manager as well as office manager
  • Reconcile and process paper works
  • Designed company websites and manage it on a regular basis

1999-2001 Frontier Company

Administrative Assistant

  • Give administrative support to executive director
  • Created website design
  • Answering phones on a regular basis
  • Managing computer base


Diploma in Business, 1999

New York University

Here is a good example of the chronological order format, there are still many examples on the internet that you can find out.

All in all, resume examples 2016 are there to get you inspired. It is better when you check the latest sample that gets high rating online to ensure that it will help you in writing your resume.

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