What Employers Are Expecting to See in Your 2016-2017 Entry Level Resume Template

Writing a resume is challenge for job seekers especially when they do not have professional experience. If you want to learn how to make a resume with no work experience, you may want to keep reading this page and you get valuable advice.

Resume for College Students 2017 Tips

entry level resume template

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  • Email address as marketing tool: The email address will be the first one you need to create wherein it should be valid and existing. Old email address will hurt your candidacy that is why you need to use the recent email address. Make email address that show your professional identity
  • Target job title: Resume for college students need to include target job title in improving their discoverability of their resume in databases. It also helps the reader to be focus in reading yours. The job title should appear at top of your paper after writing your contact details.
  • Use performance summary: Instead of using career objective, you need to use performance summary. In the past years, career objective is being used but you need to get away from it. You are in professional world today that is why you need to satisfy the needs of the readers. You need to use performance summary in addressing your skills relating to employer’s needs. Use the section in writing your entry level template.
  • Valuable resume real estate: You need to use professional skills section. This is a critical detail in your paper because it tells about what you have done. If you are a recent graduate, you need to identify significant professional skills you have developed in your school, as a volunteer, in community jobs, entrepreneurial and others. You need to include internet communication tools, computer skills as well as social media platforms.
  • Keyword density and professional experience: Volunteer work, internships and paid jobs can qualify as your work experience for entry level position. You need to include the name of the company and the employment dates. You also need to repeat keywords in your professional skills section because it will increase and improve the discoverability of your resume.

Template for Resume 2016-2017

Full name


Contact number

  • Email address
  • Skills
  • Achievement
  • Experience

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Begin to write your resume and meet the needs of your employer. Submit a one of a kind resume that is readable and discoverable on the internet!