What Resume Format Will Beat the Applicant Tracking Systems in 2016-2017

Your resume probably rejected by applicant tracking system and this is not good news especially if you want the job available. To know more details on what you need to do when it comes to applicant tracking system, check this out.

Resume Applicant Tracking Systems 2017

resume applicant tracking systems

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  • Fixability: If you do not want your resume to be rejected by resume applicant tracking systems, you need to ensure it is readable. You need to keep the format simple and your fonts simple. This is the basic rule and as much as possible, scrap inventive graphics, artifacts and layouts affecting readability of your paper.
  • Headings: Applicant tracking systems is built in sorting your experience that is based on resume section headings. You need to use the standard headings so that it will be recognize by the ATS. You can use skills, work experience, publications headings that do not place your resume at risk.
  • Lacks targeted keywords: As of now, you need to format your resume properly and ensure that you use normal headings. Applicant tracking system targeted keywords will be reviewed by the software. For hiring manager position, you need to include key phrases and certain keywords that are relevant to the job you are applying. For instance software company manager will use keywords such as JavaScript, coded, Python, programmed and C++.
  • Many too many nonspecific keywords: You should not stuff your resume with keywords 2016-2017. You only need to use specific keywords and not those that are not relevant. Too much keyword will not impress the HR and there will be instance that the ATS will reject your resume.
  • Lack industry and company abbreviations or jargon: AS suggested by experts, industry jargon or included some company lingo in your resume is smart choice. You should ensure that your resume is optimized with perfect terms.

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Finally, a resume with clear and clean formatting will allow your resume to be screened. If you get interview, it is better when you have a resume that is eye pleasing and readability by human recruiters.

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