Which Resume Format Will Be Right for You in 2016-2017

right resume format

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Have you thought about the right resume format that you can utilize to your advantage when applying for a job? You may have probably heard of a reverse chronological, functional and combination resumes formats, but do not have an idea what these things are all about, right? If yes is your answer to that, then you should spend some time to get to know the most information about these resume types. Let’s go ahead and have a look at that right now.

2017 Format for Resume and Its Proper Use

Resume format for each type varies on the kind of job you are applying for and the current employment situation you are in at the moment. These entry level resume types would surely to your own advantage if used the right way, but would prove otherwise if not used properly. Let’s go ahead and talk about those right now.

  1. Functional resume type is the right resume format for those who have large gaps between their job experiences. Other than that, it would also suit those who look to transition from one job industry to another as well as to those who seek to highlight certain skills in resume. On the other hand, it is not useful to entry-level applicants.
  2. The newest resume format 2016-2017 recommends that those who need to demonstrate an upward career progression must use the reverse chronological resume format. However, it is not meant for those who have multiple gaps in their employment and frequent change in jobs.
  3. Combination resume type is a resume format for a job applicant can use if they would like to display any relevant and fully developed skill set in their arsenal. As well as to those who’s an expert with what they do. It is also not meant for students or entry-level applicants and to those who wanted to highlight their educational experiences and those who lack qualifications or skills for the job application.

2017 format for resume varies from your goals as a professional and the work experiences you have.

Keep in mind that using the newest resume format 2016-2017 would surely be able to help you land that dream job of yours. Now, are you ready to write your own resume?